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Warming-up...and some cooldown

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick blog about warm-ups and cool downs and my thoughts about them.  Everybody has their own warm-up whether they've created it themselves, got it from a coach, friends, or off the Internet, or modified one.  Yep, they're important, especially when you start to age.  I'm not going into any scientific theory behind which is best as we all have our own ideas or theory if you so please.  Warm-ups for me are not only getting my body ready, but also my mind.  Without my mind in-tune with my body, the workout is going to miss a beat.

So back in the 80s and early 90s, warm-ups for myself were very short, usually consisting of only a couple sets of the actual first exercise.  So, for instance, on bench days, usually warm-up consisted of the bar only with 2-3 sets of 15, possibly a pec stretch, then right into working sets.  Cool down was my protein shake with Hot Stuff or Anabolic Activator (remember that stuff?) mixed in.

Slowly I started to incorporate about 5-10 of cycling, then straight to my first exercise with the above warm-up.  As the Internet and information became more readily available I began to add some simple stretching usually upper body on those days and lower legs days with possibly a few PWO stretches.

About 6-7 years ago I started to incorporate a foam roller into my warm-up.  Usually hitting my hamstrings and quads, and sometimes my calves.  So, first I'd ride the bike, foam roll, a few stretches, then off to my main exercises.  It took me all about 10 minutes or so, not too bad.  However, it wasn't really "feeling| the foam roller doing much.

So, I ditched the foam roller and picked up some bands for some upper body movements.  I tore my labrum and had surgery so I really wanted to get that mobility back in my shoulder.  I also began to research more squat, deadlift, bench specific stretches and movements.  This gets me to where I am today, but my warm-up still changes depending on time and if I'm at the gym or my home garage.

So, here's my current warm-up at the gym (home gym just takes out elliptical):

1. Start with at least 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer.
2. Leg swings front and back and out to the side.  2 x 10 each leg.
3.  Between those leg swing sets I take a band and do some shoulder mobility (this depends on the muscles worked that day).
4. Air squats 3 x 10
5. Band pull apart 2 x 10
6. Air RDLs 2 x 10
7. Bentover I's, Y's, & T's   2 x 10
After those are finished I go into more static stretching focusing more on the muscles to be used that day, but all muscles are stretched.
8. If I have time, I will foam roll my hamstrings.  Picked up a new one recently which is giving me more incentive especially post workout.

That's it!  Usually doesn't take more than ten minutes, but I've used this for a while now and seems to work decently.  I'm sure I'll look for something new at some point, but knot until my competition is over.  Too close to change things up now.  Take care everyone and go check out my store!

Training today was week 4 of cube, explosive squats.
6x2@200 with 1 minute rest
2x5@210 wide stance
3x5@185 paused