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The theory, namely yours, of powerlifting

The theory, namely yours, of powerlifting

What is your theory of powerlifting?  Is your theory a combined group of strict principles you stick to in terms of rest, nutrition, motivation, programming, supplements, etc. or is it just one of them the priority and the others fall into place?  Do you have one theory?  All questions I can relate to and sometimes struggle with in my training and diet.

I'm not going to sit here and try to convince you on any one program or theory or supplement. Let's face it, anyone who has written, sold, blogged about their "product" believes it's the the best and sometimes only way (and they should).  I'm just here to share how my training has evolved over the years as well as my diet and supplementation.  I'll share some articles as well that I've enjoyed...possibly a bit scientific for me, but that's their area of expertise.  Just tell me how to lift more weight, right?

 PR deadlift 3 months after torn MCL

Eat more, get bigger, stronger, not so much faster.  Yeah, the more I weigh (while I'm training, not vacationing or sitting on my butt) the more weight I can move around.  Such a strange, and for summer months, especially, annoying aspect of my body composition.  I could have the same amount of lean body mass at 180lbs. as I do at 200lbs. and not move as much weight?  How does the figure?  Do I feel I visually look bigger, therefore, psychologically I`m thinking I am stronger?  I don't have an answer, but I do bounce back-n-forth between to body types, the 180lbs` 6-pack weakling or the 200lbs` 2-pack strongling and that has another psychological effect on me.  This topic will be another blog post later on going into more detail about my diet as I believe I found a good middle-ground at the moment.

To wrap up this quick post, I'll say my theories about powerlifting and bodybuilding in general have definitely changed.  Changed due to many reasons, some to the increased supplementation market, the amount of training programs available, my age and health, my availability to equipment, news studies in diet, my goals, etc.  Everyone has their own theory, that's what makes us unique and if part of that theory isn't work, make a new one.

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