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The Triple -P- Collection is here!!!

At some pont in your exercise regimen you probably push, pull, or press something whether it's bench, overhead, squat, or deadlift!  These shirts remind you of the steps to get there!  Start the movement with a press, pull, or push....grind through your sticking point...finish with the lockout!  Boom!  A new PR, 3 white lights, victory!


Women's Racerback Tank Top- I'm 5'4, 115 lbs and wear a size M. I love the fit and feel of this shirt! It's super soft, loose but still flattering, and long enough that it just covers my backside. Great for working out and lounging.


Barbell Bender Men's Tri-blend Shirt - Real comfortable feel. Great fit!


Women's Racerback Tank Top- Absolutely love the feel of this shirt! If your in the mood for a new t-shirt you should check this brand out!

Morgan (via Facebook)